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Dear Member

  Barter Bay  has shut down. 


  I have great news: your account can now be converted to

National Trade Banc

 bringing you outstanding service at much lower cost, with many new benefits.

National Trade Banc the fastest-growing and most innovative business barter exchange system. Which means great things for you:

100% conversion of your old trade dollars to
National Trade Banc, so you can rescue your “old” trade dollars. 
Clean slate! 
Prompt service from your own personal Trade Director, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, toll free at 877.TRADE97 (877.872.3372). 24/7 browsing, buying and selling at with the industry’s easiest online shopping experience. 
Lower fees! Save hundreds of dollars cash every year: 
More places to shop — over $130 million of goods and services available. 
More customers for you — over 50,000 participating businesses!

To get these and other benefits, you must first convert your old account to
National Trade Banc. There is a one-time account conversion fee.

The fastest way to convert: visit , scroll down and click “Join”. Submit your information, then we’ll contact you to complete the conversion process so we can credit all your “old” trade dollars.

Or you can call 877.TRADE97. However, please understand that new members are all trying to reach us at this time, so our normally prompt phone service may be slowed. (My apologies!) or please feel free to write us at

My dedicated service team and I look forward to bringing you unprecedented barter value and satisfaction for years to come.

Above all, welcome to the
National Trade Banc family!

Warmest regards,

Roy Flis
National Trade Banc 







   Lastest Information

Members converting from another trade exchange and transferring their old trade dollars:

  • Account transfers of up to 3,000 trade dollars $99.
  • Account transfers of 3001 to 5,000 trade dollars $175.
  • Account transfers of 5001 to 100,000 - $175 plus 5% of the balance over 5,000 trade dollars. 
  • Account transfers of over 100,000 trade dollars - Special terms will apply.


    For direct contact for Barter-Bay


    call Roy or Heidi at 1-877-TRADE97




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    Please go to

    or call us at 1-877-TRADE97


       Contact Information


    C/O National Trade Banc

    7603 McCormick Mill Ct.   

    Houston, TX. 77095



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